Our dedicated teachers strive to create memorable learning experiences for pupils. Here are a couple of examples from our primary schools.

At St John’s in Keynsham, an online meeting with Roy, who shared his memories of World War Two, was the highlight of a Hook Day. Children also enjoyed dressing up as evacuees and building model Andersen shelters.

Meanwhile, pupils in Reception had the chance to explore the inside of an ambulance when they were visited by paramedics.

These immersive experiences were inspiring for the children.

Stephen Webber, head of All Saints in Clevedon, says overcoming the challenges of expensive transport and altering planned activities to take children out on trips is well worth it.

He was speaking after Years 5 and 6 pupils visited Aerospace Bristol, where children were amazed by a Boeing 747 plane wheel, launched paper rockets, saw photos from the Hubble telescope and made paper periscopes. Oh yes, they also got to see the cockpit of Concorde!

Earlier in the term, years 3 and 4 visited Caerleon to bring their learning about the Romans to life. The children dressed in armour and toured the amphitheatre, inspiring the pupils to develop dances to explore their Roman theme.

“As a small school, we acknowledge the importance of linking the pupils’ learning to real-life experiences, which deepens their learning and often sparks a passion for learning more,” Stephen said.