Westover Green Performers embarked on an exciting new venture by taking ‘The Little Mermaid’ to the Highbridge Festival.

Westover Green Performers consists of three separate clubs: Show Choir, Dance Club, and Drama Club. The children come from a range of abilities, needs, and backgrounds and reflect the diversity of the school.

Each year, the Performers put on two productions—one at the McMillan Theatre in Bridgwater and one in the school hall. They also represent the school at various events in the town, such as the Bridgwater Food and Drink Festival.

For many of the pupils in these clubs, these shows and events provide experiences they would not otherwise have. They build confidence, encourage resilience, persistence, a sense of self-worth and, above all, fun. Education is not always easy for some of these pupils, so learning the words of songs and the movement supports their classroom learning.

In March of this year the Drama Club embarked on a new and exciting venture taking an abridged version of ‘The Little Mermaid’ to The Highbridge Festival. They participated in a multi-disciplinary class that involved music, dialogue, movement, and props. The opportunity to perform in a different setting in front of people not associated with the school and to be judged gave the children a distinctly unique experience.

Through this experience, the 18 pupils who took part grew in confidence and self-belief. They were able to hone their performance skills and learn from the judge, who, in his remarks, commented on how the children ‘…brought out the different moods with effective energy and well contrasting softer moments.’ It was wonderful to listen to his comments and for each of them to understand a little bit more about the skills of performing.

Each child came away with a smile on their face and a thirst and desire to improve and do more. This positivity means an improvement in classroom performance and learning.