Clevedon School has been rated Good in all areas by Ofsted with the personal development of students judged to be Outstanding.

Inspectors who visited the school at the end of April said that pupils achieve well and go on to reach meaningful destinations praising the “calm and purposeful learning environment”.

The report said “Pupils are friendly and welcoming at this inclusive school. They have strong relationships with staff and feel safe. Sixth-form students are positive role models and support younger pupils well.”

“Staff inspire learning beyond merely preparing pupils for examinations” and the report said staff had strong knowledge and deep interest in the subjects they teach.

“The curriculum is well-designed and ambitious,” the report said.

Ofsted noted that the 1,366 students, aged 11 to 18, developed a strong sense of belonging through the house system and were enthusiastic about the wide range of competitions and extra-curricular activities, which were equally valued by the parents.

Ofsted also highlighted the persistent efforts to promote high attendance and to remove any barriers to children being at school.

Headteacher Jim Smith said: “I am very pleased that this report opens by stating “Be Kind Be Brilliant” is at the heart of the school as it reflects what we strive for every day. For personal development to be recognised as outstanding, is a reward for all the hard work that goes on, both in and out the classroom.”

Jim Smith added, “All reports make recommendations and our self-evaluation agreed with the OFSTED team that we can make sure that every pupil is supported to develop a love of reading and to flourish in their learning.”

Ofsted said: “Working closely with the Trust has greatly benefitted the school. The trustees and governors have accurate insight into the school. They support the school well and challenge it to be even better.”

Commenting on the Ofsted findings, Futura’s Chief Executive Andrea Arlidge said: “This report reflects the hard work that takes place daily at Clevedon School. The excellent staff and amazing pupils create a very special and inclusive school. I am delighted for the community. We are proud to support the school and very appreciative of all that it contributes to our Trust and we look forward to all we can go on to achieve together.”