Students at Chilton Trinity School

March 1, 2023 marks a significant milestone in the life of Futura Learning Partnership.

It is the day the 13 schools from the former Clevedon Learning Trust and the 15 schools in Futura come together, creating a strong and unified organisation that includes nearly 12,000 children and 1,500 staff.

All 28 schools in our expanded trust will benefit; by joining forces we can build a better future for the young people of our region and their families.

Chief executive Andrea Arlidge said: “It is an absolute pleasure to welcome everyone from CLT into our trust. Our two trusts chose to merge because of our shared values and have been working towards this day for many months. We chose to gather under the Futura name because it is important that no individual school is singled out in our title. Every school in our family is of equal value.”

Malcolm Broad, chairman of the new Futura board, which includes trustees from both the former trusts, added: “This is a landmark day. Our merger has created a strong trust, with greater financial stability and more capacity to improve schools rapidly. We look forward to an exciting future.”