Wellsway School students celebrate their successes, 2021

We are delighted that the hard work of students and the excellent support provided by staff and families was rewarded with some excellent GCSE results in 2021.

All schools reported successes, including high-fliers with strings of A* grades, students who had made strong progress and exceeded their personal targets, and others who had triumphed despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We look forward to welcoming back the many students who are returning to our schools to join our exciting new post-16 provision, Futura Sixth and we wish every success to those who are moving on to other centres of learning, training, apprenticeships or employment.


Wellsway School students celebrate their successes, 2021

Lil Scott, Evie Taylor and Phoebe Deason

Wellsway School was delighted to welcome students and their families to collect GCSE results on August 12.

Acting co-head Dave Cooper said: “After two years in which students have made so many sacrifices in terms of lost opportunities in both their school and personal lives, it was fantastic to see them celebrating with their friends, families, teachers and other members of school staff.

Wellsway School students celebrate their success, 2021

Lewis Thorne and Elliott Phillips

“We have been enormously impressed by the resilience, determination and tenacity of the year group as a whole.  The grades we have awarded reflect their talents and abilities, as well as the tremendous effort they have made over the duration of their time with us.

“In a year in which much will be said about the manner in which grades have been determined for young people across the nation, we can be absolutely clear that the high standard of marking and standardisation demonstrated by our teachers has ensured that students have received the grades they have earned and deserve.”

Exceptional individual performances include:

  • Sophie Lowe – achieving eight grade 9s and two 8s
  • Amelia Draper – eight grade 9s, one 8 and one 7
  • Keziah Ross – seven grade 9s, one 8 and two 7s
  • Sam Eve, Amy Nicholls and Joel Marlor – six grade 9s, three 8s and one 7
  • Evelyn Shipp – six grade 9s, two 8s and two 7s
  • Luke Harris – six grade 9s, one 8, two 7s and one 6
  • Jake Willits, Darcey Hird and Lil Scott – five grade 9s, four 8s and one 7
  • Sophie Orchard – five grade 9s, four 8s and one 6
  • Finn Ewins – five grade 9s, three 8s and two 6s
  • Toby Close and Joe Mott– five grade 9s, two 8s, two 7s and one 6


IKB Academy is proud of all the students who made outstanding progress through Years 10 and 11.

Principal Debbie Gibbs said: “Our amazing students have shown resilience and determination in managing the challenges that have faced them and fully deserve their fantastic results. As a small school we really get to know our students and their families. It was a joy to share in their achievements.”

Particular congratulations go to:

  • Sophie Baker who goes on to study A levels in criminology, psychology and forensic science
  • Jacob Cook who goes on to study A levels in maths, physics and computing
  • Ellie Morgan who goes on to study A levels in biology, physics, maths and English
  • George Skuse who goes on to study A levels in product design, biology and maths
  • Finn Spiers who goes on to study electrical engineering at Bath College
  • Curtis Ticktum who goes on to study double engineering and A level business studies
  • Vivin Vinod who goes on to study A levels in maths, biology, chemistry and physics
  • Darcey Warren who goes on to study A levels in biology, English and psychology
  • Joseph Dean who goes on to study A levels in physics, maths, geography and computer science


Students at SBL Academy worked with real dedication both in school and at home during the lockdowns and achieved some fantastic results.

Principal Dean Anderson said: “Their successes are a testament to their tremendous efforts in the face of adversity. We would like to congratulate every one of our students on their great results.

Outstanding achievements to celebrate in Year 11 include Katie Dawson and Miguel Donca who both achieved Grade 9s in eight GCSE subjects, Giorgio Mills with seven Grade 9s and Caitlin Thresher who achieved five Grade 9s and two Distinction* grades. Outstanding progress to celebrate in Year 11 include brilliant above target achievements for Rhion Bennett, Jessica Brown, Maddisen Brown, Kacey Garland, Jamie Jordan, Rowan Johns, Jessica Mitchell, Samuel Ponter, Emma Stephenson and Millie Woodward. Well done!


Bedminster Down School student celebrate her exam results, 2021

Olivia Avery, whose grade were all 8 and 9


There were many positive and smiling faces at Bedminster Down School as students collected their GCSE and vocational qualifications results.

Vice principal Matt Eagon said: “We could not be prouder of the resilience that our students have shown as the examinations system shifted around them. Our students have truly earned the grades they have achieved through the effort and application they have put in, which has been an inspiration to us all.

Bedminster Down School student celebrates his exam results, 2021

Rhys Gudge’s average grade was 8

Bedminster Down School student celebrates her exam results, 2021

Georgia Randell got an 8 in maths and 9 in all other subjects

“I want to thank the teachers and support staff at the school who have gone above and beyond to deliver a system that is fair and supportive of every young person we work with. We could not been prouder of the profession in which we work than we are, and the happy tears of students we support has made all of the hard work worthwhile. We wish all of our students the very best for their onward study and future plans.”