Students opening their GCSE results at Wellsway School August 2022

Students at our secondary academies notched up some impressive results in GCSE and equivalent qualifications after two turbulent years of Covid-interrupted learning.

The grades achieved show that, despite the challenges that life has thrown at them, when individuals work hard and apply themselves excellent progress can be made.  Our students can move on to the next stage of their life with confidence and a sense of pride in their efforts.

We look forward to many young people returning to study in our thriving Futura Sixth, and we send our best wishes to those pursuing further education or vocational courses or taking up apprenticeships.

Our thanks go to the dedicated staff in all schools who have supported these students and to their parents and carers.

We are delighted by all achievements, both those gaining the highest grades and those who have exceeded expectations and made exceptional progress.

At Wellsway School, more than 62% of students gained five passes at grade 5 or above, including English and Maths and 85% gained five passes at grade 4 or above.

Principal Rob Pearsall said:  “These outcomes are a reflection of the outstanding level of commitment given by our students and staff who have all worked extremely hard.

“Not only did the year group perform well in this set of exams, they have contributed positively to school life, grown into responsible, caring citizens and given us the opportunity to laugh often and be proud!”

IKB Academy, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) specialist centre, is  particularly delighted that the GCSE sciences and maths exams achieved a 100% pass rate. BTEC Engineering and Construction students also achieved an impressive set of results.

Many students made exceptional progress over their two years at the school and are staying on at IKB in Futura Sixth.

Head of school Debbie Gibbs said: “At IKB students feel truly valued and we are privileged to be able to continue working with students and their parents as they move into the sixth form.”

After securing a Good rating from Ofsted in November 2021, SBL Academy completed a successful year with some fantastic GCSE results.

In particular, students were successful in English, maths and science – subjects which underpin a strong education.

Principal Dean Anderson said: “I am proud to see this group achieve such fantastic results as they joined the school at the same time that I did and they have always responded well to the changes and improvements we have made. They have set a very high standard for the year groups below them who must now ensure that they work just as hard in order to achieve their potential.”