Children from our Clevedon schools are working with the local community to raise awareness of the climate and nature crisis.

Children from All Saints, Clevedon and Yeo Moor schools participated in the Green Shift Festival, which was held at Clevedon’s famous Curzon Cinema at the end of April. The two-day event, coinciding with Earth Day 2024, explored how we can take small steps to make a big impact towards a low-carbon, sustainable future for our planet. The festival included screenings of two films, Save Our Seaside, created by Year 2 and 4 children from Yeo Moor, and a film by children from All Saints about their school garden renovation.

The festival also featured live performances by Clevedon School students and presentations of their plans for improving the local environment.

Our Clevedon schools have also received funding from the Clevedon Climate Project for child-led projects to improve the environment. Various projects are being developed, including creating an eco-garden at St. Nicholas’ Chantry. This garden, due to be completed before the end of the school year, will be a peaceful spot for children to relax, contemplate, and marvel at the world.